Spinning Tutorials

I learned how to spin yarn in 2009 and ever since I picked up my first spindle, I was hooked. At that time for me, it was difficult to find information about learning how to spin. The fact that I lived in a remote area of Wyoming meant hours of driving to get to anyone who could show me in person what to do. I figured out how to spin from reading all the books I could find, and watching videos on YouTube. Back then there weren’t many videos because YouTube was still a fairly new site, but they sure did get me started! Today I have the privilege of helping other spinners get started in the craft by creating my own spinning tutorials to share on YouTube. After a decade of spinning experience, I hope that I might offer something valuable to help you get going with your wheel. You can subscribe to my channel through YouTube itself, or you can check back to this page where I will post new tutorial videos each week. If there is a topic or technique you would like me to cover in a future video, you can send a request to my email.

Happy spinning!

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Would you like to see a video about a specific spinning technique or issue? Send me a request by email. Make sure to include as much detail as possible about your question so I can give a clear demonstration.

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