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Handspun Yarn for a Knitting Project and an Interview with Aroha Knits

When I saw photos of the cowl, I just knew it was a special piece. The Whiria Cowl was designed by the amazing Francoise, who is also the creator of Aroha Knits. I knew that I needed to dig deeper into the story behind this project, so I invited Francoise to chat with me about what this cowl means to her. Then I spun a specific yarn to knit this beautiful cowl.Read More


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Does plying from a center pull ball change your twist? — A yarn spinning experiment!

<!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Many fiber friends (myself included!) often ply their yarn with a center pull ball. This popular method works especially well if you only have one bobbin.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>You form your yarn into a center pull ball with a yarn winder, then take the end of your yarn from the inside and the end from the outside and give it twist. This creates a two-ply yarn. I've used this center pull ball plying technique a lot in my projects.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>But sometimes you'll hear people say, "Don't do that! It will mess up your twist!"</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph -->Read More


Distaff Day: Fun and Fire?

Distaff day falls on January 7th each year. It is the day after 12th night, also known as Epiphany. Traditionally, it was the day when the festivities of Christmas were over and women went back to their distaves and resumed the regular daily duties of spinning. I have some questions about the folklore of this holiday, but I still think it is worth celebrating. Here's what I do for Distaff day each year...Read More